What is a Wedding Fusion Video?

Wedding couples, along with their family and friends, are always thrilled when they view their wedding fusion video for the first time.  What is a wedding fusion video, and why are brides and grooms making sure their wedding photographer includes one in their collection?  A wedding fusion video is a photo/video mix with some short video clips from different parts of the day.  It is then blended together to make one amazing video for the bride and groom to enjoy forever.  Fusion videos are a great and unique way for the bride and groom to experience the joy of their wedding all over again.  For couples that chose not to spend the money on a wedding videographer but would still like some video taken during their wedding day, a fusion video is a great way for the bride and groom to still get video chip of their special day.  A wedding fusion video is also great to share with family and friends who love re-experiencing the full wedding day.  It is also great to share with the family and friends that were not able to make it to the wedding.  The fusion video will make it feel as if they were there and able to spend the day with the bride and groom.  Here is an example of a wedding fusion video.

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