Richmond Wedding Photographer

Richmond Wedding Photographer

Are you getting married in Richmond?  Are you a bride looking for a Richmond wedding photographer?  When you are looking for your Richmond wedding photographer, here are some things you should consider before deciding on your wedding photographer. 


1.  Personality

When choosing a Richmond wedding photographer the wedding photographer personality should be taken into consideration.  This wedding photographer will not only be with you for most of your wedding day, they will also be with your friends and family.  The wedding photographer’s personality can have a huge impact on your wedding day.

Most brides book their Richmond wedding photographers months or a year in advance, which means you will be working with this wedding photographer for a very long time.  So as a bride here in Richmond, do not overlook the importance of the personality of your wedding photographer. 


2.  Albums

Once your wedding is over, as a bride, what are you going to with all of your wedding images?  Most brides will choose to put them in an album, which your Richmond wedding photographer should provide you.  Not all wedding albums are created equal. You as a need to ask your wedding photographers some basic questions about the quality of the wedding album they will provide you.  1) How many pages will be provided in the album?  2) Is the album made out of leather? 3) Is the album a lay flat design?


3.  Fusion Slideshows

What is a fusion slideshow?  It is a slideshow of images mixed with shot video clips of your wedding day.  Here is an example of a wedding fusion slideshow (Fusion Slideshow Link).  This is a great way for Richmond brides to not only share images from their wedding day but video clips as well.  If you are a bride on the fence about also hiring a videographer, Richmond wedding photographers that offer fusion slideshows are a great opportunity to get video clips from your wedding day without the extra cost of a videographer. 


4.  Price

When choosing a Richmond wedding photographer, price will always be a factor for Richmond brides, but it should not be the only factor.  I’m sure you have heard a horror story from someone you know who chooses their wedding photographer based only on price.  Years down the road your wedding photography will be the only thing you have to bring back wonderful memories of your special day. 


5.  Number of Photographers

How many Richmond wedding photographers will be covering your special day?  Most Richmond weddings will need two wedding photographers to cover the day.  Questions you as a Richmond bride should ask your wedding photographer are 1) Do you know at this time who your second wedding photographer will be?  How often have you work with your second wedding photographer?

We have found that having two wedding photographers is optimal for complete coverage of your wedding day.  This way nothing on your magical day will be missed. 


Richmond wedding photographer Brandon Dewey offers Richmond brides the very best in Richmond wedding photography.


Brandon Dewey Photography is a Richmond wedding photographer based in Goochland, VA offering wedding photography in the Greater Richmond Area, Virginia Beach, Northern Virginia and destinations all over the East Coast and the United States.

For more information about this Richmond wedding photographer, please visit Brandon Dewey Photography.