Sven & Kat Engagement Images

February 16, 2014 was a very warm day for February, so Sven and Kat decided to go for a hike at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado.  As they started up the hike on a less popular trail, Sven thought back about the odds of crossing paths with Kat.  Both were foreign exchange students from different countries (Sven from Germany and Kat from America) who were studying abroad at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand at the same point in time.   

As they walked along the trail, which lead them from rolling hills to through a thick pine forest, Sven thought back to the first time ever meeting Kat four years earlier.  Both had decided to improve the skills on the dance floor and decided to join a “learn how to dance club” through the university and hit it off right away.  

The trail lead them up a hill to a rock scramble, which they climbed. At the summit, they had an amazing view of not only Bolder but also the nearby Flat Irons. After catching their breath and taking in the view (and waiting for a few hikers to leave), the moment was perfect. Sven got down on both knees, as one knee was too unstable, and asked Kat if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.