Roger and Sarah Engagement Images

Colonial Williamsburg is beautiful year around, but there is something special about being in this historic town around Christmas.  For Christmas, Colonial Williamsburg decorates the entire town with authentic Christmas decorations. With unique and beautiful Christmas wreaths on every door, Roger and Sarah wanted to have their engagement pictures taken in Colonial Williamsburg.  With historical building everywhere you look, including an elegant palace as a backdrop for engagement pictures, what more could a couple ask for?  Behind the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg is a huge garden, which is where Roger and Sarah requested most of their engagement pictures to be taken.  After walking around the colonial town we headed there.  This was a great suggestion because, with very little walking, I was able to capture very different looking images for the happy and deeply in love couple.  Another reason why Roger and Sarah decided to have their engagement pictures taken in Colonial Williamsburg was because it had extra importance for them.  Roger proposed to Sarah in front of the Bruton Parish Church, an old colonial church.   Roger and Sarah are a great and fun couple, and I cannot wait to return to Williamsburg in a few short months for their wedding. 

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