Adventure with Bodie #3

Camping in West Virginia

3. Day One: Dolly Sods

Last week, Bodie and I went on a three day camping adventure in West Virginia.  We met up with my buddy Mike at Dolly Sods to try and capture some images and time laps video of the Milky Way.  After a long drive, Bodie was ready to get out of the car and go exploring.  As we were waiting for Mike to arrive, Bodie and I went climbing on some of the many boulders scattered everywhere.  Once Mike arrived, we found a spot to make camp along the Bear Rocks Trail.  

After a disappointing sunset, we set up our camera to capture the night sky praying that the clouds would clear out.  As we waited, we started to see lighting over the distant mountain ranges, and it looked like it was getting closer and closer.  Just as the sky was dark enough to start to take pictures of the Milky Way, the first rain drops started to fall.  Mike and I quickly picked up our gear and took shelter in our tents and waited out the storm.  Just before midnight, we finally got a small break in the clouds.  We were able to get a few images of the Milky Way before the next set of clouds rolled in.  At the bottom is my first ever Time Laps Video.  Even though it is very short, it was still a lot of fun to shoot.  

Stay tuned for day two and three of our camping adventure, where we were blessed with very clear vibrant skies. 

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