Adventure with Bodie #2

2. The Correct Trail


Once I learned I was on the wrong part of the White Rock Trail to see the waterfalls, I could not wait to go back to hike the correct part of the trail to find them.  The next nice day we had, Bodie and I once again set out for the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Like before, we parked at mile marker 20 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but this time we crossed the parkway to the trail head and began our hike.  Within a few minutes of hiking, the trail crossed the creek.  After crossing a second creek, I noticed a path leading from the trail down toward the creek.  I figured this was the first waterfall, and I was correct.  As I expected, being late in the season, there was not that much water flowing down the falls.  I could tell that during the spring the falls would be much wider.  Bodie and I stopped for a while to play in the pool at the base of the falls.  Like before, it was still too cold for Bodie to go swimming, but he did get his feet wet and threw rocks in the pool.



After the first falls, the trail led up to a peak, but this time the peak had a few rock outcroppings to get a view of the area.  We stopped to take in the view and then continued down the trail to the second falls. 


The second waterfall was the tallest out of the three, and in the spring, would be the biggest.  We stopped, and Bodie and I once again got our feet wet in the pool of water at the base of the falls.  Bodie also had a lot of fun developing his rock climbing skills by climbing on any rock and boulder with no fear.



We then followed the trail down to the last waterfall, which turned out to be a series of small waterfalls, and ate lunch.  And then like before climbed off the rocks and played in the creek.  After an hour or so, we decided to hike back to the car.  Once we got to the top of the mountain, we once again stopped to enjoy the view before continuing on to the car.  Bodie and I both had another great day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I know I cannot wait for our next adventure.



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