Water Polo Tournament at NC State


This past weekend, NC State hosted a Water Polo Tournament.  For those of you who do not know what water polo is, it is a game with six field players and a goalie.  The field players play both offense and defense by sprinting up and down the pool.  The playing field is in the deep end of the pool, which means when the players are not sprinting, they are treading water.  Water polo is considered one of the hardest if not the hardest sports in the world.  I might be a little biased because I play for a team out of Richmond, VA.  My team played in the tournament this past weekend, and when I was not in the pool playing, I was sitting on the pool deck with my camera capturing the action. 

If you live in the Richmond, VA area and what to check out some of the action on February 23 and 24 at the NOVA Aquatic Center, my team will be hosting the Virginia Water Polo State Championship Tournament.